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About Me

"I feel the material that is moulded in my hands, thoughts and emotions take shape among wooden boards, chalks and colours, experiencing that art is the manifestation of our soul, of our essence"...

This is how Silvia describes her way of giving shape to her paintings, with brushes, chisels, often only her hands, working and assembling different elements such as wood, plaster, polyurethane foam, resins, wire mesh, sand, glass, glitters, and more. Transforming the material and making it alive through the shapes, colors and reflections of the world around it, sometimes real, sometimes visionary.

His works are characterized by plays of light and shadow that change with every vision, creating a three-dimensional and dynamic visual approach, where the pictorial elements, colors and light refractions merge in a material alchemy of strong expressive impact.

Journalist, writer, videomaker, author and director of TV formats and documentaries, Silvia Della Rocca is an artist dedicated to the experimentation of new forms of material art, expressing her creativity through research and experimentation of mixed painting techniques.

In addition to painting, she is a photography enthusiast, and as a result of her numerous trips around the world, she has created "Etnika", a video-photographic exhibition on ethnic groups and tribal populations, custodians of ancient cultures and traditions that are disappearing.

She has worked for years in the field of communication and television production, she is author and director of films, documentaries and TV formats including: Africa Estrema (12 episodes on Sky), Le popolazioni dell'Omo River (6 episodes on Sky); Peru, on the tracks of the Incas (RAI documentary and 6 episodes on Sky); Sentieri d'Italia (100 episodes on Sky Marcopolo), Cercando Shangri-La (12 episodes on Marcopolo tv), Alla Conquista del West (30 episodes, waiting to be aired).

He has published several travel reports on BeOutdoor&Travel, Marcopolo Viaggi and Trekking&Outdoor. 

He is part of the team of professional photographers and videomakers of the Foto Video Academy Italia.

She is the author of the book "L'isola di Aral", a novel written together with Michele Dalla Palma, published by Polaris publishing house, and inextricably linked to her artistic/pictorial path.

Silvia with Vittorio Sgarbi, the most important Italian art Critic, on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cortina d'Ampezzo where his works Golden Moon 1 and Blue Moon were exhibited

With the Art Historian and Critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, curator of the exhibition Venezia International Contemporary Art 2018 to which Silvia was invited to exhibit with the two works Golden Planet and Red Planet.

02 Red Grizzly&Depero.jpg

With art critic Lodovico Gierut at the vernissage of the solo exhibition Genesis, organized in July 2023 by the City of Pietrasanta, the epicenter of contemporary Italian art

zenobio grasso1 copia.jpg

Silvia has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, exhibiting in galleries, museums, historical buildings, castles and institutional places.

Some of her works are present in important art catalogues such as "Lo stato dell'arte ai tempi della 57ma Biennale di Venezia" and "I Mille di Sgarbi - Lo stato dell'arte contemporanea d'Italia".

All the works present on the site (some on temporary exhibition

or permanent in various Art Galleries) ARE FOR SALE.

The artist also performs works on commission, for information

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