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Mother Earth

From the contemplation of the Cosmos, Genesis then leads us back to the Soul of this World, through artworks with a deep connection to Mother Earth, where natural elements such as precious antique woods, rough stones and crystals, mosses and lichens are used. Because Nature is able to communicate with the man, when he can listen with his heart. 

Ancient Woods

In traditions throughout the world, trees have always represented the means of interconnection between the heart of the earth and the sky, sacred symbols often linked to religious, spiritual and esoteric cults, the imaginative dwell of divine beings.
The works in the Mother Earth series are made using precious and antique walnut and larch woods, chosen for their peculiarities and symbolism; they are 'living' pieces, capable of telling stories lost in the mists of time, symbols of Mother Earth, guardians of eternal wisdom. 

To choose an antique wood, it is necessary to resonate with its soul: observing and touching barks and veins reveals its history, its life cycles, and it is possible to rediscover that subtle link with our past, the connection between man, nature and its divinities. 

Stones and raw crystals

They are the first formations to appear on Earth, containing primordial energy accumulated over thousands of years.
Each type of stone has its own vibration and frequency, and can resonate with us and the Universe, increasing our vital energy, favouring the energetic rebalancing of the chakras and physical, psychic and spiritual well-being. 

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